the photos that moved Us

20110324 P1010752

We received a great response to this post on the topic of what makes for a great image.  I postulated that the difference between a good (tells a story) photo and a great (evokes a personal, emotional response) prompted several 2 Guys Photo readers to comment and to submit their own.

For example, Mark James sent the above stunning image with these words:

I took this shot shortly after the recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. It is a young Japanese woman on the island of Saipan watching the sunset. Though you can’t see it in the shot she had a look on her face of mixed emotions. As I watched her I was wondering if she was thinking about how something so calm and beautiful could have been so cruel and devastating just a few days earlier. I can’t look at this shot without thinking about that day.

Here are a few more…

Billiejean sent this wonderful image:

Loving Light by Billiejean

The story:

I was thrilled by the light when I happened to look up a cross street from where we were walking. I think the light matches this couple’s wonderfully relaxed and loving stroll down this narrow tree lined street. I love their halos! along with her beautiful dress and lovely curves and the light defining his arm that fits so comfortably across her shoulder.

I see so many stories in this one picture, the main plot is the couple in the light, but I also love the couple looking at their guide book as well as the other people on the street.


Prentis Drew (2 Guys Photo readers will remember this post about his childhood adventures, traveling around the globe) sent us the following haunting shot.  His commentary follows.

637622917 xvP62 L

This photo is of a walking bridge in a wetlands bird sanctuary near my home in Kirkland, Washington.  Commemorative benches line the way, each with a bronze plaque naming the person memorialized.  This one in particular never fails to have fresh flowers placed there by a loved one who clearly cared about this person.  It is always an inspiration to walk the bridge and see those flowers.


And finally, our own 2 Guys Photographer, Ed, offered the following.


Ed tells us:

There are so many words that come to mind upon seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time: “immense, magnificent, awe-inspiring, incredible.”

But I think the word that will stay with me the longest is “humbling”.

So there it is.  Photos that shake us, unsettle us, move us.

If you have one you’d like posted here, feel free to send us an image (and commentary, please) at



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2 Responses to the photos that moved Us

  1. Mark James says:

    The story sure changes how I look at that flower shot. It is a cool shot but with the back story it invokes an emotional response as I look at it again a day later.

    • 2guysphoto says:

      I had the exact same reaction…

      Some will argue that the best photos require no back story, but I tend to disagree. Sometimes the backstory and image are inseparably linked, and that’s ok. That’s life…


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