Multi-task Much?


The word “supermom” comes to mind.

Tiffany Goodwin, a Virginia mom, caught this foul ball at a minor league baseball game last Sunday in Richmond.  Her 8-month old son, Jerry, seems disinterested.  He will, however, be hearing about this photo for the rest of his life.

Ironically, Tiffany’s husband, Allen, commented just beforehand that he’s been waiting 38 years to catch a ball at the game.  He’s wearing the blue shirt on the right and as you can see, he’s giving it a serious go.  But Tiffany made the catch.  Good thing she wasn’t distracted at the time.

Posted by Rey

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2 Responses to Multi-task Much?

  1. Howard says:

    Great post, Rey. Wow, 38 years and then beaten out by your own wife! Allen sure appears to have the catch, is there no justice? Lol

  2. Go, Mom, Go! Gotta love how she manages it baby and all! 🙂

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