A Street photographer discovery for your Saturday morning coffee

I just came upon this while having my Saturday AM java fix.  By now you’ve most likely heard of the discovery of Vivian Maier, a nanny who also had a passion and talent for street photography, and whose work wasn’t discovered for decades.  2 Guys Photo wrote about Vivian here, if you missed it.

Frank Oscar Larson, street photography

Frank Oscar Larson, street photography. Source: Petapixel.com

Well, history repeats itself with the discovery of the street photography of Frank Oscar Larson, a banker from NYC who, in the 1950’s would wander the city streets with his Rolleiflex camera and capture the obvious in ways that now look so rare.  His work was discovered in 2009, long after his passing, and is being shown at The Perfect Gallery.  Click on the small blue movie camera icon for a short interview with Soren Larson about his grandfather’s photography.

Frank Oscar Larson, Central Park, NYC

Frank Oscar Larson, Central Park, NYC. Source: Petapixel.com

I find the works of Maier and Larson and other great street photographers truly inspiring.  Although I only have a limited portfolio of my own street photography, I am motivated by their work to do more and improve.  My goal is to leave a thumb drive of street photography to be discovered in 50 years, so that a blogger that hasn’t been born yet can write about them!  Watch these pages for more.                             Posted by Ed


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4 Responses to A Street photographer discovery for your Saturday morning coffee

  1. Kara says:

    Ed – what WONDERFUL stories! Very interesting and yet, haunting in a way. Absolutely fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing these 2 talented photog’s stories – I hadn’t heard of either before your blog. I’ve been working on other stuff but hope to get back to the ‘dailies’ soon!

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Hi Kara, these people are such great sources of inspiration. They make want to get out on the streets and shoot. Hurry back to the Dailies-we miss you! Best, Ed

  2. Hillary says:

    Thanks Ed.. Loved seeing these shots. So sorry I missed getting to NYC to see the whole exhibit. Would have been great. I love that type of photography. I was already aware of Vivian Maier..what an amazing legacy of photos she left behind. Her work was so fabulous. I will be in Chicago this summer and hope I will get a chance to where her work is being shown there. Thanks for posting this! Best, Hillary

  3. I got a good chuckle out of your thumb drive comment:-) Sounds like a plan!

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