2 Guys are introduced to Two Guys

Two Guys Salt on 2 Guys PhotoNo, 2 Guys Photo has not branched out into other product lines, (although in honor of the Royal Wedding, Rey and I have discussed a line of camera bags and matching hats).

Recently we received a letter from Brenna, a reader, photographer and fellow blogger, who complimented us on our blog, (thanks Brenna!) and who shared this unusual photo of something she has treasured for a long time.

She’s had it since the early 80’s and you can read about how she found it and what it means to her on her blog, right here.

I did peer into the infinite universe via Google and could find nothing on Two Guys Iodized Salt, so we are left to wonder who were the original 2 Guys, and whether they even owned a camera.

Check out Brenna’s blog, What is beautiful remains for her written and photographic view of the world.  I find her narrow depth of field photos really cool.  And who is Liz after all?

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4 Responses to 2 Guys are introduced to Two Guys

    • Ed Spadoni says:

      Interesting find Art – evidently 2 Guys has had many incarnations. If you know Rey and I, then you know that we rank “appetites” right up there with “aperture”! Thanks for sending, Ed

  1. Glad my Two Guys found you Two Guys! I have no idea what I am doing with blog replies and pings and trackbacks, so I just wanted to leave a comment saying thanks for visiting, and giving us such good stuff to read and look at! with compliments, brenna

  2. Very cool older can and shot!

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