More iphonography… from Joey


Not long ago, I introduced 2 Guys Photo readers to a 17 year old photographer who was receiving notice for the images he produces from his Nikon DSLR… and, more recently, from his Apple iPhone 4.  The original post can be found here.  Based on the response to that article, I promised that I would occasionally feature more of his work.  Read on for a few more photos taken with the iPhone.




According to Joey, these were taken and then processed in the app, Camera +.

I’ve been increasingly impressed with the art that this camera phone is capable of capturing – – I know, I know… it’s the musician, not the musical instrument.  But the embedded camera that Apple provides contains some fairly lowly specifications – 720p video recording and a 5 megapixel still camera – though images such as Joey’s demonstrate the sharpness of the lens and the ability to manipulate photos in low or no cost software proves the versatility of this shooter.

According to the folks at the mega-photo sharing site, Flickr, the popularity of the iPhone in the internet realm is steadily growing.  The graph below suggests that the iPhone (despite the most recent dip) may be poised to overtake the Nikon D90 as most popular camera on that site.  This graph is from Flickr (time line not provided).

Most Popular Cameras in the Flickr Community

% of members


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4 Responses to More iphonography… from Joey

  1. Prentis Drew says:

    There have been a number of new cameras on the market that are compact enough that the selling point is that they can be with you all the time. Well, they have nothing on the ubiquitous cell phone camera. The cell phone camera is the ultimate “with you all the time” camera. So many of us would never be without our cell phones, as such no photographic worthy event will be far from someone ready to take the shot. And, by the way, 5 megapixels is no slouch of a camera. I have a D40 which is 5 megs and takes marvelous photos…and it certainly isn’t with me all the time.

    Amazing shots by the way.

  2. arthill says:

    It’s not about megapixels. I have an 8 meg cell phone camera. No cell phone camera takes great pictures. They are a lot better than they were just a few years ago but still just don’t compare to even modestly priced point and shoot cameras. It’s is certainly true that they are the ultimate “with you all the time” cameras and that’s a big plus. But the lenses (and other components) just don’t measure up. Most cell phone users are holding the thing at arms length and squinting at the screen or worse, holding the camera at arms length backwards and taking a picture of themselves. The popularity of the iPhone on Flickr is, in my view, mostly due to the ease of posting with a cell phone. We have millions of people taking tens of millions of bad pictures and posting them to Flickr, Facebook and every where else instantly. These pictures are not even looked at critically much less manipulated with post processing software.
    That’s not to say that a serious photographer can’t make good images with a cell camera. But I think the world is drowning in bad pictures and most of them are taken with cell phones. And let’s not even get started on cell phone video 🙂

  3. I wish I could get these types of shots with my cell phone (not an iPhone). Nice work! I’m a cell phone picture fan but realize in my case the quality of the shots is horrible. My Blackberry just does not take good quality shots no matter how I compose them.

    • 2guysphoto says:

      Maryann – not sure which vintage of Blackberry you have, but the RIM cameras keep getting better. Probably when you upgrade next, you’ll find that a highly capable camera will be part of the package…


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