Nikon P7000 and Canon G12 Face Off in the Big Apple

St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, tonemapped, Nikon P7000

In my Olympus XZ-1 user report (see here), I touted some of the features, benefits and annoyances of this new entrant to the increasingly crowded advanced compact camera arena.  In that review, I casually dismissed the Nikon P7000, a camera admittedly I’ve never used (though have played with at Best Buy), as one for which the professional reviews have been “lukewarm”.  2 Guys Photo reader and P7000 shooter, Tom Reichert, noticed.  He said in response, and I quote: “Great review… but it’s time for a shootout!  I’ll put up the P7000 against anything.  What do you think?  I notice there are no night shots and I believe that’s the true test.  Low light shots are awesome with the P7000 as well as daylight…”

OK, Tom… you’re on.

If you saw my recent update to the XZ-1 report, you’ll know that my camera was defective and so now it’s on the way back to Olympus.  In the mean time, I thought I’d accept Tom’s gauntlet toss using a Canon G12 camera instead.  That’s probably a better challenger to the P7000 as they’re so alike, not only in capabilities, but in form factor as well.

Canon G12, Nikon P7000Image courtesy of CrunchGear.


In follow-up correspondence with Tom, we agreed that in order to see what the two cameras are capable of, we’d each shoot two daytime photos, two nighttime photos and one HDR composite and post them together here.  Each of our photos are marked by our respective watermarks – remember, Tom’s using a Nikon P7000 and I have my trusty Canon G12.  Ideally, I would have liked to have had some time to come up with a few decent photos, showing precisely what the G12 is capable of.  But, since Tom’s a New York City shooter, I thought I’d take full advantage of the exactly 22 hours that I just had in Manhattan over the past few days.  The majority of that time was consumed by meetings on East 70th, but on two occasions, I walked the distance from there to Rockefeller Center (51st) where I was staying.  So, all of my shots are from those two excursions.

The above image is Tom’s HDR candidate, a lovely shot taken inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Here’s my HDR entrant, captured next to the skating rink at Rockefeller Center:

Rockefeller Center, NYC, HDR, Canon G12

As for the daylight images, here are our respective photos:

Stairs, NYC, Nikon P7000




And now the night shots:





Clearly, this is no scientific comparison of the two cameras.  It’s just a fun attempt to show what they’re capable of in different, and I’ll add, challenging situations.  And nobody ought to make a purchase decision based purely on this test alone.

Tom has a discerning eye for composition and I’m particularly impressed by the London-style double decker shot (how’d he add the red in?).  Thank you, Tom, for prompting this shoot out.  2 Guys Photos is always interested in its readers’ suggestions.

I’ll have more to say about the G12 in the future, but I’ll give you a preview: it’s great.

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5 Responses to Nikon P7000 and Canon G12 Face Off in the Big Apple

  1. mananee says:

    Gorgeous shots, terrific competition. G12 did fine. Thanks.

  2. Rodney Daly says:

    As an avid Nikon user, I lean towards the P7000, but i have to admit the canon put up some great photos as well. I like the Nikon HDR better here. I like the canon night black and white photo better… although I do agree with the interest of how Tom added red into the bus photo… they are all good photos on short notice for sure… It really is a toss up with personal preferences probably making the biggest difference. Great blog 2 guys by the way!

  3. arthill says:

    I’ve owned Canons and Nikons and generally think both companies make great cameras. With this set you guys put up though, I’d have to choose the Canon in every situation you presented. Especially the night shots.

  4. If the G12 had as much optical zoom as the S3, I’d own it. I was close… It has everything else I want in an upgrade, but since it would be my primary camera and I don’t have a better ‘bird’ lens, I need the 12X the S3 has over the 5X the G12 has.
    Link to B&H?

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