2 Guys Walking: Borderlands State Park

It was late, very late, on Friday evening and I was getting ready to turn in for the night.  And that’s when it hit me… yes, a photo walk… a photo walk tomorrow morning.  It was the uncommon convergence of an unencumbered Saturday morning and a cooperative weather pattern here in New England that did it.  I reached for my iPhone and tapped a few nearly incomprehensible phrases into an email to Ed and then hit the pillow.  Early the next morning, I discovered a message waiting for me – yes, Ed was in.


Thirty minutes later, I stood in line at the Dunkin’ Donuts and simultaneously pondered where to direct my photographic interests.  I felt zero inspiration as I imagined meandering through the many locations of our typical photo walk sites.  Into the Google pane of my mobile Safari browser, I simply typed “sharon” and “hike”.  The first was a nearby town (the first one that popped into my head) and the second, our intended activity.  The usual suspect destinations crowded the top of the search result list, but slightly further down there was one entry I did not recognize.  Borderland State Park.  Never heard of it.  I grabbed the two coffees, one for me and one for Ed, and headed for his house.


Here’s the gist of our thorough decision process:

Rey: “Hey, I just found a place not too far from here in Sharon called…”

Ed: “Fine, let’s do it.”

As we arrived maybe 10 minutes later, we discovered a vast wooded park that just so happened that day to be hosting a Disc Golf tournament.  Unfamiliar with the sport, Ed asked a few players to elaborate.  “It’s just like real golf with discs.”  Simple enough.  Translation: adult men (didn’t see any female players) trudging through the mud and brush shooting frisbees into the woods.  As I, an adult man trudged through the mud and brush with my camera, I thought, “no thank you.”


The park contains a large pond, a stone mansion and numerous walking trails.  On a sunny late winter day, it was beautiful… but not nearly as beautiful as how we imagine it will all look in just a month or two, when the buds are appearing and the last remaining patches of ice are gone.  Still though, the early morning light cooperated.



Unfortunately, later in the day commitments brought our photo walk to an end after just about 90 minutes.  But we’ll return again to explore… and soon.



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4 Responses to 2 Guys Walking: Borderlands State Park

  1. How fun to have company. I say that even though the kids are so often my companions. I like the line of tree trunk shots. We were on the same wavelength, but I couldn’t make my shot work. Maybe another day with different lighting.

  2. Dianne Ward says:

    I think it is wonderful that the two of you have a common interest in photography. How nice to have a companion on this type of walk. I enjoyed reading this as well as looking at the really nice shots you captured. Ed, I love that tree lined shot. I need to get out for a photo walk myself, it has been awhile.

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