Something just for Landscape Photographers

Cape Cod beach

Chapin Beach, Cape Cod

Here are two resources I wanted to share with those of you who enjoy making outdoor photographs of stunning vistas and memorable scenes.

I just learned of a new online magazine that is all about landscape photography, is beautifully produced, and just happens to be free.  It’s is named Landscape Photography Magazine and is the product of several professional landscape photographers located around the world.  This inaugural issue is loaded with full color, and in many cases, full page, landscapes that are stunning.  Many are accompanied with shooting data so that you can appreciate the science as well as the art of the image.

The articles and tutorials are neither dumbed down nor are they beyond the range of most people interested in photography. 

At the website you can enjoy the virtual magazine through a full-function, web-based viewer, that allows smooth flowing page turns and a very effective magnification tool.  I had no trouble running the viewer on my bare-bones netbook, so you should have no difficulties on a full sized notebook or desktop machine.  A lower quality PDF version can also be downloaded at their website that you can take with you.

Grand Canyon sunset in HDR

Grand Canyon sunset in HDR

Another resource I found helpful is a short guide entitled Black and White Landscapes, How to Capture a Proper Tonal Range, by Christopher O’Donnell.  This brief (six page) guide touches on changing the way we see a landscape, away from our traditional attraction to color and towards an appreciation for tonal ranges.  O’Donnell goes on to using the histogram, composition and a bit on digital dodging and burning.  Although the piece is short, there are several links to more in depth discussions at the Light Stalking website.  The guide is available as a PDF download. 

Whether you’re a pro or simply aspiring to become a better landscape photog, I think you’ll find these two resources helpful.  Once you’ve taken a look, please leave some comments here to let us know your thoughts.            –  posted by Ed

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4 Responses to Something just for Landscape Photographers

  1. Las Palm as says:

    Thank you very much. Very useful links!!

  2. I enjoyed the links and definitely learned some tips about reading my histogram. I am also inspired to learn how to incorporate dodge/burn into my pp./

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