Which is better?

Just returned from a few days out West and am playing around now with some of the several hundred shots I took.  As I’m a fan of HDR photography but always strive for realistic, not garish, I posted the first shot below on a popular photo sharing site for some comments and criticisms.  On this shot, I would say 70 percent of the comments suggested it was just right – punchy but not cartoonish, as so many HDR shots can be.  30 percent suggested it was over the top and recommended a tighter crop, whitened snow, and less of a bluish tone to the sky.  Hence the second shot below.  Which do you like best?  Let me know your feedback.


Posted by Rey



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2 Responses to Which is better?

  1. 2guysphoto says:

    Rey, I think the crop and brightening of the snow in the after shot is beneficial. But I think you lost some color in the mountains that I liked in the before shot. However, the sky is more dramatic in the after shot too. This would be a good candidate for combining the best of the two as layers. – Posted by Ed

  2. Mike says:

    I agree with Ed and I like the fact that the sky color is toned down a bit too. Nice shot!

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