Would you please repeat that?

I’m quick to bemoan the fact that I don’t live in Yosemite Valley or by the Mediterranean every time I feel like grabbing my camera and heading out.  A quiet neighborhood, nothing special.  The local downtown, pretty basic.  My own home, typical American suburbia.  In these locations, how can I possibly be inspired?  How can I grab a shot or two work keeping?

IMG_0093 copy.jpg

There are a few simple tricks I’ve found that help to inspire, to spark.  One of them is to look for repetition: scenes within the ordinary where elements reappear, whether symmetrically or not.


I’ve found that creativity can be enhanced by taking the simplest of concepts, in this case – repetition… and then merely trying to find visual representations.  It helps to slow your pace and scan your environment with the goal of identifying perhaps typically mundane and unnoticed patterns in your daily midst.  Sometimes, repetitive elements can be found by stepping back and considering a wider view of your surroundings, other times by looking more closely at the items right in front of you.

There are patterns everywhere.  The trick is seeing them and capturing them.

Unless of course you live in Yosemite Valley or by the Mediterranean…


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1 Response to Would you please repeat that?

  1. 2guysphoto says:

    Spot on Rey – there is so much for us to photograph, right in our own backyards. Hey, that would make a great photo assignment!

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