I do have a camera with me

After about a one year self inflicted hiatus, I’ve returned to the remarkable world of iPhoning (and iPhone photography). I’d been waiting for the Verizon version to finally debut and now that it’s just about here, I’ve decided to port my entire family over to AT&T anyways. Long story.

This morning, as I briskly shuffled to the departure area at the airport in Providence, I encountered this scene and immediately thought: “if I had a camera and the time, this scene offers some nice photographic possibilities.”

That’s when it dawned on me – I do have a camera with me. Out came the iPhone and without slowing down, I captured the above image.

At the gate, I viewed it on my phone’s screen and was justifiably unimpressed.

But the left side of the image was moderately intriguing so I ported the photo over into the CameraBag app to convert to black and white. From there, I loaded Photogene for cropping and a bit of straightening.

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1 Response to I do have a camera with me

  1. 2guysphoto says:

    Sweet! The finished product has a film noir feel to it. Welcome back to iPhone-land. Posted by Ed

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