How to up your photography game in 200 easy steps

The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 1

I picked up this book based on all the rave reviews I’d read and gave it a look. The reviews are well founded – Scott Kelby has collected in this volume a boatload of useful photography tips ranging from the most fundamental (“Getting ‘tack sharp’ starts with a tripod”) to the more advanced (“Download the color profiles for your printer”).

Chapters include shooting people, landscapes, action, flowers, even weddings, and more.  This is one of those books that can be read cover to cover, or used as a reference when you need some advice before heading off to a basketball game or a day at the beach.

His writing style is light and straightforward with an emphasis on getting you out there and trying it yourself. He sprinkles in humor (although at times it is a bit silly, but well intentioned), and plenty of first-hand experience. Kelby explains that his book is written as if you and he were walking together and you asked him a question, and he answered it right there.

My copy is dog-eared on many pages for the tips I found most useful and wanted to try for myself.

I highly recommend “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1″ for the novice through advanced amateur photographer. I can say without reservation, you will pickup some valuable tips and your shooting will benefit.                                           Posted by Ed

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