A Walk in the Woods

From a recent photo walk with my brother Rey…

This was taken at Noanet Woods in Dover, MA.  It was New Year’s Day and the crisp, clean air and shadows in the snow set the stage for many photo opportunities.

Taken with a Nikon D90 dslr, Nikon 18-200 lens at it’s widest focal length, 1/80 sec, f10.  I thought a black & white treatment with a slight boost to increase contrast would look good.  I used Corel PSP to edit and add the framing.

Posted by Ed

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1 Response to A Walk in the Woods

  1. 2guysphoto says:

    Nice capture of an inviting path. The leftward leaning slope of the trail coupled with the slight incline and arching trees all converge to suggest a doorway, an entrance. This convergence is visually emphasized by the strong verticals, suggesting a natural flow which pulls your sight line inward and upward – always a reasonable photographic technique.

    Black and white is the right treatment here.

    And I’m not typically a fan of the border effect but it works nicely.

    Posted by Rey.

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